Tee Box Golf Simulator

The Tee Box

The Tee Box is an exciting new space for members to enjoy year-round golf and social activity.  Located on the Lower Level of the Clubhouse adjacent to the Sandtrap, The Tee Box is equipped with a TruFlight 2 golf sumulator and a seating area along with food & beverage service from the Sandtrap.

The TruFlight 2 golf simulator allows golf to be played on a photographically simulated driving range or golf course. Based on the location of the sensing devices, it is now possible to capture data on both ball and club for most accurate speed and directional information and simulated ball flight behavior.

The data about a golfer's swing that is collected during a golf shot is extrapolated to provide ball flight trajectory and roll out according to certain calculated relationships to the ball's flight performance per the tracked motion of the ball or club, adding environmental aspects through which the ball is projected, including terrain, wind, rain and other such influences or obstacles.  Also noted on specific height and width of the screen on the net.

Sunday August 1st
Course: Open
Range: Open

90 Degree Rule